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♥ Significant ♥

Restaurant miu kai(2nd visit)~kepong
Monday, June 2, 2008 / 6/02/2008 10:57:00 PM

the cha siew sou~
when i eat this~ it edi turns cold~
i bet it wil be super crispy when its hot~
wif cha siew in it~
very stingy cha siew ~
RM2.10 for this

this is wat attract me to this Miu Kai Restaurant~
that is the Polo Bun which is YUMMY!
but the 1 i 1 no more edi..
so we order the burder version..
yeeee... buttery smell which i dun like!
i'm not butter lover!
i take off the butter and eat the bread only~
the bread stil taste good wif some dunno-wat-is-it at the top of the bread
RM1.80 for this polo bun~

this is the Hakka style Pepper-salt chicken wings~
ntg special bout tis..
its juz like normal deep fried chicken wing~
RM4.50 for 2 sets of chicken wings~

this is the cheese baked chicken wing~
2 chicken wings~ deep fried~
and baked it in the oven~
and the cheese smells extremely GOOD!
wif some slices of mushroom~
and 1 kind of sauce which i dunno wat is it~
overall it taste GOOD~
RM 5.50 for this~

the bill come up to RM15.30 include 5% Service charge and 5% Government Tax