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♥ Significant ♥

pepper bak kut teh
Sunday, June 29, 2008 / 6/29/2008 11:51:00 PM

* Hock Soon Bak Kut Teh ~ pepper Bak Kut Teh *

we went sungai buloh this sun
as mom wanna buy tanah liat for her water lily..
we call and order the pepper bak kut teh for 3 person!!
i'm happy!
as i miss it so much~~
the last time i eat..i think its about few month ago~~

the Hock Soon Bak kut TEh~
which serve the special pepper bak kut teh~
i love it very much~~
u cant hav it if u walk in..
u hav to special order it 1 hour b4 u arrive ~
or not u wil not get the chance to taste the pepper bak kut teh
but u can try the normal 1..

the choices foods on the wall~
look at it..
they alter the price~almost every1 of them...
cut and paste another price
cuz everything os EXPENSIVE now..
they hav no choice but to raised the price lo...

the usual pu-er tea~~

i saw the certificates here~
stating tat they use a GOOD quality pork~
and diamond water filter
so good huh?
i wonder~
mom : advertising purpose la...

the MUST ORDER when u eat Bak kut Teh~
the yau cha kuai~~
yoooo hooooo~

the choi sam~
very normal yau choi lo..
ntg special to shout out about~
something funny is
dad wanna order the yau mak as mom want to eat yau mak..
dunno wat happen and he tell the ppl 'choi sam'
and then when the vege come
he say: i order yau mak la
but mom say she remember tat dad order choi sam although he wan the yau mak~
conflict happen!

the braised chicken Feet~
i dun like chicken feet ~
but i eat this!!
i ate 3 of them!
and the last 1 i curi from my mom!
it taste juz so good u noe???
gosh gosh gosh!!!
how come its so yummy..
i rmr kl 1 is not as good as this!
i love it!!!!

there comes the pepper bak kut teh~~
once its serve!
i cant stop myself from tasting the HOT BOILING SOUP!!
look at the pepper~ the soup taste so nice cuz of it!!
really yummy!!!
oh its so gooD!!!

the pig intestine!
which is my favourite as well~~
SOFT! yummylicious~

the pig stomach!
i love it!!
not every shop serve the nice 1~
cuz the thicker version is much more yummy than the thin 1~
and the 1 in the pic is the thick 1!
which is the yummy 1!!
soft soft pig stomach!
i love u!

my favourite pork ribs!
not those norml pork ribs~
but the better 1..
i dunno wat it called in english~
but in cantonese it is known as 'sang kuat'
yum yum yum~~
soft and tender~~

the pork ribs, pig intestine and pig stomach~~
yum yum pepper bak kut teh~~
i love u!!!!

after our brunch~
we continue to visit the nursery for wat we want~
i think we visited almost 7 or 8 of them~
just because of mom BISING wanna get LOTUS!!!

we are on a mission!!!
we wanna get tanah liat for our water lily~
and mom wanna buy lotus!!!!!
search search search and search for LOTUS!!!!
tired! sweat!

i hav 1 in my hse as well~~
but not as nice as this...
the red and pink version ~
i like it~~

the roses!!!
a must give from a boyfriend to a girlfriend!!!
pink roses represent 1st love

the monkey plant~
and i saw the giant 1~
look at the size~ u wil SHOCKED!!
so fat so long so big!!!
gosh gosh gosh!!

the African Violet~
i love this so much~
but mom say its diffiult to keep it well wif blooming flowers~
so i juz hav the chance to own its picture!!
sob sob~
so beautiful isnt it?
i love u!!

saw this 2 little cutie~
so cute~~~~


hello dogs!!!
i'm not scared of dogs!!!
yooo hooo~~
cuz they are fake 1!!

i saw little rabbit carrying a mushroom in the water..
this would not happen to my little louis~
as he dun juz carry the mushroom but FINISH it~
he wun play in water cuz......
he SCARED of water!!!

i saw 2 little golden mouse~
so cute~
but kesian hav to be under the sun DAILY!!!

at last we've got the lotus plant tat we want..
and oso the tanah liat tat we want~
and oso the special fertilizers from japan which is for lotus~
the lotus happily 'sitting' at the back seat back to my hse loooooo

this is my mom's small and well kept garden~
lots and lots of plants~ flowers~ orchid~ inside
my dad and mom is good at gerdening~~
tat's y my garden is tidy, and nice
we wil go to sg buloh for flowers and fertilizers~
and oso some new pot for growing plants~