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♥ Significant ♥

Muar~ my hometown ( 2 )
Sunday, June 8, 2008 / 6/08/2008 04:54:00 PM

went back muar last weekend~
agong's bday which means its a public holiday~
so we went back muar in the afternoon..
wat so proud off is~ I DRIVE ALL THE WAY BACK MUAR!
and the miracle was.. i din speed more than 130!
its my new record!
( because my mom grumble behind , 100 is fast enough edi... dun go too fast ar.... )
we reach muar about 4.30pm
so wats the 1st thing we do once we reach muar???
of course we 'hunt' for food!!
mom suggest to eat the muar wan tan min!
the wan tan min is the most busy wan tan min stall in Muar..
every1 juz love their wan tan min so much...
usualy we wun get a place to sit!
but today we are lucky as its not the lunch time or the dinner time..

this is a must for wan tan min!
mom and dad love this!
they say w/o these chilies,
wan tan min wun taste nice wor..
but to me~ I HATE CHILIES!!!

wats the difference between the kl wan tan min and the muar wan tan min?
then muar wan tan min have the spicy version and the original version..
the spicy version is they mix in some sambal, soy sauce~ and kacau kacau the wan tan min
whereas the original version is like the kl 1~
but for the mee~
the kl 1 is more bouncy compare to the 1 in muar~
as for the cha siew~
of course the kl 1 is way better than the muar 1~
i used to order the original version~
but dad always order the spicy version for me..
i find tat the spicy version is yummy as well~
RM2.80 for this bowl of wan tan min

the yummy wan tan soup which is my favourite
i used to call wan tan soup~
because 3 pieces of wantan isnt enough for me!
i nid more!! more!! more!! wan tan!!!

** 2 small wan tan min + 1 big wan tan min + 1 wan tan soup = RM12**
soooo cheap!

besides the wan tan min~
u can order the otak otak as well..
there are many ppl walking in and out the shop selling the otak otak~
RM0.40 per otak otak ~
3 of us eat 20 of the otak otak ONLY
which i found out tat its nt enough!!!
i nid more!!!

the otak otak is so spicy!
i nid water!
so i come across this stall selling leong-cha ( herbal tea )

RM1 for this leong cha~
i dunno wat's the name..
it dont taste sweet but bitter~
and i feel a little bit of mint taste ( mom say i crazy~ whr got ppl cook leong cha wif mint? )
but i dun like it la...

i had my dinner around 8.30~ as we are stil full!!
i had my diner with my cousin sister whole family~
7 of us~
went to a place they named it 'under the rambutan tree'
nobody noe the restaurant name until we saw the bill..

dad brought this GOLD LABEL !!!
yoooooo hoooooo~~~
i can try tis
tiff : dad... i can drink tis rite
** dad din answer me **
normally dun answer means OK/CAN ( my dad's style )
happy tiff ! i can try this!

end up~
every1 drink the gold label~
tiff?? the 1 at the right is mine~
i drink the plain ice water wif 1 drop of gold label..
my dad is so 'kind'~~~

the chili to dip wif everything~
according to every1..
this is not spicy enough~ not yummy enough~
again~ i din try this..
cuz i saw my enemy - chilies

the si ham
i dun eat this..
according to them..
this is fresh and yummy~
RM5 for this

black black geh? wat is tis?????
this is the siput!
u can hardly find this is KL
but trust me! this is yummy!!!
the siput love to 'guling guling' in the mud near the beach~
when u pick them up they are full wif mud!
u hav to clean this carefully b4 u cook this..
or not u wil makan some pasir ~
but this is yummy!
how to eat this???
not to korek.. not to chop...
u hav to suck it out!!
and there comes the kungfu!
if u're good.. u suck the 'head' once..then the flesh is out( my dad's style )
if u're not good enough..u hav to suck the 'tail' once.. then suck the 'head'..then the flesh is out ( my style..obviously my kungfu is not good )
RM 9.00 for this~

the fried indian mee..
this is different frm the kl 1..
but this is way more spicy~
and the mee they use is different frm kl~
i love this
RM7 for indian mee~

deep fried saito fish~
dad's favourite..
u hav to be careful when u eat this!!
because they are full wif bones!!!
RM26 for 2 pieces of the saito fish
( for ur information... saito fish is kinda expensive... u cant get this price in kl )

the teo-chew style steam 'tongkang' fish~
why is this restaurant attract so many ppl?
all because of the fresh fish~
which u cant get frm any other restaurant outside~
this teo chew style steam 'tongkang' fish is yummy..
u cant get 'tongkang' fish frm kl~
even in muar.. u can hardly saw the restaurant selling this fish
RM 69 for this ~

i hate this the most!
the fried egg wif bittergourd!
RM6 for this~

the sesame chicken wing~
this 1 i never found it in kl..
which i love this alot alot!!!!
the chicken wing is fried til the skin become crispy~
and then fried it wif some honey and sesame oil..
this sesame chicken wing taste sweet~
every1 like this except dad
he hates sweet stuff!

after our dinner~
we wanna da bao supper for my grandma and grandpa~
b4 mom order : tiffany... u wanna try tis??
tiff : ok la ok la..i try ABIT!
i noe i shouldnt have supper~
i noe its fattening
i noe i shouldnt..
if mom wanna da bao other food then its ok tat i dun take supper.

wat is my supper?
this is my favourite FRIED PRAWN MEE
u cant get this in kl~
u wil love this~
u definitely love this~~
this is so special~
i had supper because mom da bao this fried prawn mee which i cant stop myself frm eating this!

mom da bao 2 packet of RM3 prawn mee ( u can da bao either RM2.50 or RM2.80 or RM3 )
the sambal is my favourite !
squeeze 1 biji of lime juice on top of the mee~( they wil provide u )
mix with some sambal b4 u eat it..
this is superb!!!
so how much is consider as my ABIT????
i eat half packet of it ( cuz my grandma and grandpa doesnt want to eat supper~

when i balik kampung ( muar )~
i wil stay wif my grandpa and grandma~
or i wil say i stay in FOREST
why i say so?
because my grandpa house is in the jungle~
surrounded by the trees~ river~
last time when i was young~
i scare to go into the toilet~
cuz once~ i found frog in the toilet
i shout as loud as i could!!
my grandpa coma and safe me ( use a plastic bag to da bao the frog ) hahahaha~
bt now as i grow older~
i stil scare to go into the toilet ( toilet-phobia)
but stil i hav to go in for 'business' and to clean up myself....
back to muar is like back to the past~
as we sleep in mosquito net
wahaha~ only 1 table fan for us~
kampung style lo..
okay~ finish wif all the mak-nenek story..
back to wat i wanna intro~
tat it the fruit trees tat u wil get around my grandpa hse~~

the rambutan trees~
at the back is the dog hse
my grandpa build it~

the ciku tree~

coconut tree
which the coconute water hav abit pandan taste~
i love this!

the pamelo tree~

i dunno wat is this..
hokkien named this as leng-kim

the durian tree

yummylicious durian~

the banana tree~

last time we do hav the guava tree as well..
all the pictures above are taken frm my dad ~
i scare of ants i scare of insects i scare of grass!!!
so i dare not to walk into the jungle
( i always feel tat there is tiger around us..i noe i'm stupid to think like this )
we hav yam~chili padi as well..
we hav 4 dogs( huge dogs) and chicken as well~
those who is 100% kl made cant stand wif the kampung style..
luckily i'm 50% kampung made 50% kl made~


the famous yong sheng biscuit in muar~
which is famous of all kind of biscuit~
i bought 5 boxes of lou poh beng and 10 packet of tau sah beng and 4 pieces of teo-chew biscuit~