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the making of yam cake~ by tiff & ivy ( tiff's mom)
Thursday, June 5, 2008 / 6/05/2008 03:55:00 PM

me and mom decide to make the yam cake~
so early in the morning~
around 10am..
me and mom went to market for the ingredients~
after tat~
i tell my mom tat I NID FOOD TO GIVE ME ENERGY before i start 'working'~

so i went to a shop nearby to hav this plate of wan tan min~
find out tat this is yummy with the thick verson of mee~
the cha siew is my favourite!!!

u called it wan tan min of course the WAN TAN is the VIP!
3 biji of wantan wil not fill up my stomach~
so mom order 1 bowl of wan tan soup~
we shared the wantan together!
i hav more than 3 biji of wan tan!!!!


today is tiff and mom's 1st attempt to do the yam cake..
usually we wil juz buy the yam cake~
or we wil buy the yam for my neighbour to make yam cake~
(hahaha~~~ but tis time we paiseh to ask my neighbour to make yam cake for us )
but this time~
sis went crazy by asking mom the recipe to do yam cake as she wanna try in nex time..
so on the night b4~
mom call her fren~asking for recipe!

the ingredients tat u nid is~

a biji of yam~
ugly looking but is tasty~

a bowl of siu yok and slices of pork~
siu yok wil make the yam cake taste even better~

this is the chopped salted lobak~
this is to make the yam cake taste salty~
the fresh 1 is even better than the packet 1~
this is the fresh version
which is in light yellow
whereas the packet 1 is in light brown colour~
which i find it is too salty~

the onion and garlic~

some dried shrimp~

and a packet of rice flour~

the making of yam cake~~~

cut the yam into cubes~
make sure tat the size are almost the same~

finely chop the onion and garlic

soak the dried shrimp~
and then put them into the pounder~

slightly pound the dried shrimp~

heat the oil in the kuali~
make sure tat the oil is hot enough b4 putting the yam cubes in it~

fried the yam cubes til it become golden colour~

mix 2 tablespoon of tapioca flour and 1 whole packet of rice flour together in a big bowl~

this is how it goes..
2 table spoon of tapioca flour wif
1 whole packet of rice flours~
add in 4 and a half bowl of water~
mix thoroughly~

after mixing~~~

fried the chopped onion, dried shrimp,salted lobak, slice of meat
add in the salt and pepper~

add in the ready-fried yam cube~

pour in the mixture of flour tat u mixed juz now~
turn to the small fire~
cook everything till it become starchy~
( i noe it looks ugly )

spread some oil all over the bowl~
this is to prevent the yam cake from sticking on the bowl~

this is how it looks like b4 goin into the wok to steam it~

steam the yam cake for 30 to 45 minutes~
stil dun look 'pretty' after all~

wait til the yam cake turn cold b4 cutting it..
cut it into the size tat u wan~
garnish it wif some fried onion,slice chilies ,slice onion~
do not forget to put some onion oil on it..
to moisture the surface of the yam cake~
the yam cake is ready to serve~
(its pretty now~)

my yam cake is yummy~
juz tat i think we should put a little bit more salt~
a little bit more dried shrimp~
to make it taste even better

this time i'm not gonna type failed ~
but i gonna type SUCCESSFUL AND YUMMY!!!
bravo tiff~ bravo mom~
yeah yeah!