1. Hi.
2. I'm as GOOD as they come.
3. Photography is my LOVE.
4. I love doggies - cute, furry.
5. Airplane is my only favourite song.
6. I wish for a never-ending list of things.
7. Age 21. Student of UCSI. Food Science and Nutrition.

Tiffany Lau

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♥ Significant ♥

station 1
Sunday, June 29, 2008 / 6/29/2008 10:29:00 PM

*Station 1 ~ Kepong*

went for st mary musical THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA~
ends abit late..
and i'm so so so so hungry!
i haven eat my dinner!!
my 3pm fishball noodles is all FINISHED digested!!!
right after the musical~
we rush to kepong for foods!
as selayang fot ntg nice lo..

Station 1~
every1 noe bout this yum cha shop isnt it?
1 in kepong~ and branch in setapak...
famous yum cha place for youngsters~

the menu~
choices for drinks and foods are not much~
but according to zyrence~ the food here not bad wor...

the chocolate milk shake~
everywhr i go, i wil order this..
i love it!
the 1 here is smooth~
smells good and taste good as well..
juz nice to my liking
RM 6.80 for this

zyrence order the iced Honey Milk~
i never heard bout this before
as i'm fear of drinks wil heavy, strong , milky smell~
in another words.. i dun like milk!
this honey milk has no milky smell at all
juz like my chocolate milk shake~
and...and... and... it taste juz so special and good u noe?
zyrence ask me to taste abit~
but end up i drink 1 big mouth~
and i feel its yummy!!!!
zyrence say not every shop serve yummy Honey Milk~
station 1 honey milk is the only 1 she wil drink~
it really yummy!
i dun tipu oh...
RM 5.50 je...
cheap cheap lo..

t3 order this Fancy World..
the name itself edi sounds complicated~
but the drinks look nice with different colour..
and i curi makan the strawberry on top of it..
sorry t3... tat's my favourite
the strawberry : tiff... tiff... come and eat me la...
the drink dun taste nice lo..
dun like it lea..
RM 6.50 for this~

zyrence order the black pepper chicken chop~
taste not bad~
the mash potato is yummy~
the chicken is grilled~
its soft tender~
isnt dry inside~
taste good~
RM 11.80 for tis

mine mine mine!
Cream Sauce Spagetti
i noe u wil saying tat cream is fattening! and its late nite when i eat this!!
but!!! when u smell it.. u wil not regret
when u eat it : u wil wan another bowl!
cuz its juz so good!
really~ i like it so much~
wif some cheese powder on top of it~
this is perfect!
come wif prawns, squid and mushroom~
i love it!
RM 11.50 for this~

t3 order this Nasi Lemak wif Rendang chicken
the menu is writing Nasi Lemak wif REDANG chicken~
spelling error~
the rendang chicken is nice!
i curi makan!
but i din taste the rice~ t3 din share wif me!
but i think its yummy~
i can smell the fragrance of the nasi ~
RM9.90 for this~
cheap and nice~

The bill come up to a total of RM57.20
t3 treat us makan~
as i'm so bodoh
went out wif a purse without MONEY!

* ST MARY ~ The Phantom of the Opera *

i wanna tell u all here
i'm PROUD to be a ST MARIAN!
i went to the musical~
and i really impress~~
weijean~ u really did a good job~
michelle..u as well!
i'm so proud to be ur captain!!!
and st mary! u are the best school ever!!!
i love u st mary!!!
i wish to go back to u!!
can i?

u wil never believe wat i say til u watch it..
a musical~
which is TOTALLY done by a school
the actress sing LIVE!
not the recording type..
the dance, props, dress,make up
everything is juz so perfect!!!!
i've seen the sound of music when i'm in form1~
but to me.. this PHANTOM OF THE OPERA is ever Better~
got to see lots of my teacher~ my junior..
i'm happy tat all of them stil rmr tiffany..
the mcneil captain who can cheer LOUD and CLEAR!
st mary is my secondary school and my FAVOURITE schoool!
WELL DONE st mary!
i shout and cheer tat day~
i feel so happy~ as i feel tat i back to st mary style~
the cheer and supportive st marian!
i love the feeling~
( the gal infront was looking at me cuz i'm noisy... but to me... i feel so proud! )
ST MARY~ i love u!
the best school EVER!

thank you~
i love u all!
Pn chan~ i really happy to see u~
my junior.. i really happy tat u guys say tat i'm a captain~
of course those who say i change to a prettier version~ hehe.. i'm happy!