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♥ Significant ♥

shihlin~ pavillion,KL
Saturday, May 10, 2008 / 5/10/2008 04:32:00 PM

i was at pavillion tis saturday~
was hunting for food! as i'm damn damn damn hungry!
at last we all stop infront of tis shihlin stall~
we wanna try the mee sua here!!
there's been long time i've never been here~
long time din eat the mee sua as well~
they sell famous foods frm shihlin,taiwan~
shihlin is a street in taiwan tat hav lots of famous taiwan food~
and shihlin is msia is a 'stall?' selling famous food from shihlin,taiwan
a little stall situated at 1st floor of pavilion~
u can either take away~
or u can eat thr~
thr's small table beside the stall~

shihlin from taiwan
the best seller is the XXL fried chicken~
but i prefer the other 3 more than the XXL fried chicken~

the menu~
they juz hav 4 kinds of dishes~
and 2 kinds of drinks~
simple yet yummy food~
its all famous food from shihlin,taiwan~

the famous handmade oyster mee sua~
the mee sua is cook til soft~
super soft~
no nid to bite it..
once u put in ur mouth~
the mee sua wil juz melt in ur mouth~
the mee sua comes wif big-fat oyster, chicken slice, and some chili~
RM5.50 for tis bowl of mee sua~~

its me! eating the yummy mee sua~

the crispy floss egg creep~
the 'skin' is made of egg~
then inside hav some chicken floss~
wrap it up~ add some sauce and the smelly vege~
its done!
easy yet yummy food~
RM5.50 for tis as well~

inside this paper bag contain another famous of shihlin tat is the seafood tempura
which i love tis the most!!!
seafood tempura fried til crispy~
serve wif some pepper and fine salt~
its tiff tiff eating the yummy seafood tempura!
cost me RM5.50 for tis as well~

i din get to try the XXL fried chicken where they states tat its best seller
i dun really like it as it taste like uncle bob..
i've tried tat b4...and i feel tat the chicken is kinda too dry~
dun really like it.