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♥ Significant ♥

restaurant ulu yam - genting klang
Thursday, May 1, 2008 / 5/01/2008 06:30:00 PM

mom was bising-ing wanna eat yam mee..
as she loves yam aloooooot...
so I drive to genting klang...*ahem.... I DRIVE!*
to a restaurant ulu yam at taman danau kota~
whr they are famous with their yam mee...

restaurant ulu yam~
so many ppl today~~~
we waited for 2 minutes to hav seat...

as every1 noe..
ulu yam is famous wif its loh mee..
everyshop which sell loh mee wil definitely put up " ulu yam loh mee"

the soy sauce~ vinegar and chinese wine is on the table..
for u to pour as much as u like.

the pu er tea~
cost RM3..

mom's favourite chili padi!!
they hav plenty of chili padi for u!!!

there it comes..
the saito fish cake!!
yummy yummy yummy!!
fish cake which fried til golden colour~
i love tis...
dad love to dip it wif chili sauce!
and i'm ori gal..
so i decided to makan ot originally~
cost RM4 for 1...
we order 2..
so it cost me RM8~
i love tis~

the VIP is here!!
tat is the yam mee!!
smells so good...
there are pork ribs and yam inside the mee..
the yam is cooked til soft~ very soft! super soft!!
once u put it in ur mouth~
the yam wil 'melt'..
ooooohhh... i love tis....!!
the pork rib os cooked til soft as well..
i think they shouldnt cut it into so tiny~
RM13 for this big pot of yam mee..

tis is mine!
my bowl of yam mee!!!
i ate tis yam mee b4 once when i'm young..
in ulu yam..
i love the yam mee thr alot alot alot..
tat time it was a lau ah pek tat cook it..
but few months later the shop is no longer thr..
so i didnt eat yam mee for quite a long time till recently..
dad say there's a shop in genting klang which serve yummy yam mee..
i juz love it sooooo much..
*muack *

mee soup~~
i love to drink soup..
so tis is my MUST when i eat loh mee..
the huge portion of mee comes wif some meat n vege..
and wat makes it perfect is the "zhu yau zha"
tis mee soup is not as good as the 1 serve near my hse..
not salty enough~
cost RM5 for tis~

the hokkien fried mee hoon..
bee hoon fried wif black soy sauce~meat~ and vege~
not salty enough~
too dry for me..
dun like it..
RM5 for tis as well..
the 1 near my hse serve better hokien bee hun~
kinda disappointed~

after our breakfast~
we went to some pasaraya hunt for some carrot for my baby louis~
(louis is my baby rabbit~ handsome rabbit! hahaha)
me n dad found out tis white lobak which hav funny shape..
1st time i saw this kind of white carrot..
'berkaki dua'...
ET lobak putih!!
but it look cute..
so i snap some pic ~

me n dad holding the ET lobak putih!
look cute isnt it..
nex time i shall buy some of tis for louis~

all tis belong to louis~
he is a big eater..
those pet shop gal says tat rabbit can only eat 3 carrots per week..
and guess how many carrots does baby louis eat?
louis ate 2 carrots PER DAY!!
oh my goodness~
the pet shop gal say rabbit wil diarrhea if they eat too much carrot..
but my louis~gosh!