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restaurant tuck kei - manjalara
Saturday, May 10, 2008 / 5/10/2008 01:02:00 AM

mom feel like eating dim sum~
so tiff drive the whole family to manjalara..
together wif my aunt and cousin sis from Johor.
Restaurant Tuck Kei is famous of its dim sum~
which is freshly made daily~
damn good business~
dunno why kl ppl love dim sum so much~
of course we are lucky enough to get a place to sit down
after u take a seat..
immediately all the dim sum ' walk ' to u..
not the dim sum walking..
but those ppl carrying trays of dim sum wil come to your table..
and u juz hav to tick wat u wan~
and they wil tick on a paper wat u ate~ which use for billing later on..
* sorry for didnt take a pic of the restaurant~was too excited to makan! hehehe *

wah~~ more n more n more food~~
this is trays of fried food~
arh~ my favourite!
let's see wat my dad order~

the cha siew sou~
tis is damn yummy~
the crispy pastry~
and the filling is the yummy cha siew ( roasted pork )
arh~~ u hav to eat tis carefully..
cuz its tooooo crispy til it keeps dropping~
i love tis!

mom's favourite is tis fried carrot cake~
i love tis tooo~~

i dunno wat tis called..
i dunno wat is its fillings~
i juz noe tat TIS IS SUPER YUMMY

tis is a MUST TRY..
the salad prawn~
prawn fried wif crispy batter~
and dipped it wif mayonis~
it taste just soooooooooo goooooooooooood!!!!
i can eat 6 biji of tis u noe?
i love tis!!!

the siew-mai~

the fried fish ball~
i din get to taste tis..
as tis is dad's favourite..
he wil definitely sapu all of tis~

tis is my favourite har-kau~
arh....fresh prawn stuff in superthin 'skin'
when u bite it~
everymouth wil be full of prawn!!
and its fresh!
its yummy!
i love tis alot alot alot!

the loh-mai-kai
mom order tis~
she say tis is yummy~
i din get to try tis as well.
cuz mom sapu everything~
i was lucky in the sense tat i stil hav the 'chance' to snap a pic of tis~

the cha siew bau!!!
arh~tis is super yummy!
tis is smaller version of cha siew pau~
and the most important is the top of tis pau is 'open'
i juz love tis..
dad order 2 of tis!!
i love u, cha siew pau!

this is another version of har kau~
besides prawn~
they stuff in some scallop~
and tis taste yummy as well..
i ate 2 out of 3~
its super yummy~
fresh prawn + fresh scallop~
i love tis!

the steam pork rib~
yum yum~
dad n mom sapu most of it..
i get to eat 1 small tiny little piece je~

the fried popiah~
the fillings of the fried popiah~
yum yum ~
too bad it turns cold~
the fillings is kinda special~
not the usual mengkuang~
but..i dunno wats tat...
its an unknown~
but i love it!

my aunt & my mom love tis~
we call tis wu-kok..
( i dunno its cantonese or mandarin~ i just follow them call it wu-kok )
its yummy! trust me!
the pastry is made of yam~
and the fillings is some fried chicken or pork cube wif soysauce~
wrap the chicken cube wif yam~
then deep fried it!
u wil never believe how yummy is it!!
the yam smells sooooooooo good!
I love it tooo

i'm sorry tat i din noe how much is those dim sum
but wat i noe is the total bill comes to RM58
wif a pot of chinese tea~