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♥ Significant ♥

Restaurant Tai Hau Fook-kepong
Sunday, May 11, 2008 / 5/11/2008 04:16:00 PM

today is MOTHER DAY!
so my mom wil be the 1 to decide wat to eat and whr to eat!
mom say she wanna eat roast duck roast pork~
but dunno whr to eat..
so i suggest to go Kepong~
as kepong hav lots of food!
walk n walk n walk~
at last i saw tis shop~
selling roast duck roast pork~
so we step into it~Restaurant Tai Hau Fook~
situated at kepong~
at the roll of shophouses behind of carefour~

as u step into the shop~
u wil see the roast duck 'line up'
waiting to go into ur stomach!
they were like " u eat me la~ u eat me la "
how can u resist such a temptation?

the menu of the shop~
of course roast duck is their famous dishes as shown in the menu~

the chili~
mom say not yummy~
i dunno cuz i never try tis

the pu-er tea~

u hav a choice of rice or mee to eat wif ur duck ~
me n mom n dad choose the mee~
but the portion is so little~
dad order another bowl of rice after he finish this plate of rice~

the sour and spicy vege~
mom say the vege is too soft~
dad say not bad~
tiff oso say not bad~
sour and spicy!
i really love it..
my mom can cook tis~
way better than tis shop~

the vineger pork~
it actually cook using the pork feet~
i dunno how yummy is it~
because i dun like it~
mom n dad say not bad wor~


the roast pork is crispy~
but too bad its too fat to our liking~
we prefer the thin version~
not bad la~~

the roask duck!
i love tis!
the duck is soft and tender!
and the skin is crispy!
really crispy!!
i love tis!!
but too small portion for my family~
as we are all duck lovers~

a bowl of tasteless soup~
mom say its tasteless
dad say its tasteless
tiff say its tasteless
so in conclusion...
as the roast duck and roast pork were in small portion
so dad order another plate of duck drumstick~
and some roast pork..
hmmmm~ the roast duck really yummy~
the skin is crispy~
i love it!

the bill come to RM59.70~
kinda ex~

i bought tis card for my mom..
my mom like it~

as for the mother's day gift~
i was out of idea as i dunno wat to get~
* i got no money~poor little gal *
so i got tis handphone decoration~
a pink rabbit~
as my mom sayang louis(my pet rabbit) so much~
so i bought tis pink rabbit for mom~

and on saturday~
i went to pavillion to make make another handphone hanger for my mom..
i'm broke!
tis is ex!!
juz MOM and another love~
arh~~~y is tis so expensive?
makan my duit!!

my mom 6500 is full of my gift~
the pink rabbit is cute isn't it?
mom asking why i dun buy the rabbit wif eyes open de~
mom.. i'm not the 1 sewing tis rabbit~
i got tis TIFF-purple love shape-lock
i love it!
my wallpaper is cute isnt it?
N80 is so pretty wif the colourful TIFF
sis got tis for mom
a diamond bracelet~
nice isnt it?
sis,whr's mine?