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♥ Significant ♥

Muar~ my hometown
Sunday, May 25, 2008 / 5/25/2008 04:18:00 PM

dad bring me back hometown-muar on saturday night~
its kinda long time we din go back to visit popo le..
so decided to drive back muar on saturday~
i drive till pedas linggi~
and hav a massive jam!!! accident happen!
i'm scare!
but after tat i continue to speed up to 140km/j
mom wil scold and nag ~
let's see wat i hav for my breakfast and lunch on sunday ~

hav to wake up early as i wanna eat my favourite kuey-chap(no idea wat is it?hahaha)
if u wanna try it u hav to wake up early in the morning~
cuz if u're late..
u got ntg to eat but the plate ,chairs and table..hahaha
woke up 7 in the morning~
but after guling guling on bed~ and so on ~
end up hav breakfast at 10..
the shop is full of homo sapien!!
really full!!
gosh! luckily we got a table to sit down~

tis is dad's favourite laksa in MUAR~
i dun noe how yummy is it..
cuz dad always finish it..
i guess its yummy..
laksa bihun+ mee~
and si-ham(which i dun like)
slices of egg and some fish cake~
the aunty selling the laksa named ALICE..
so every1 wil call tis ALICE LAKSA
RM3 for tis~

this is mom's favourite~
the fried carrot cake..
and they are proud!
mom hav to go and lined up and bring it to the shop~
big big piece of carrot cake~
after steam~
pan fried it~
and then cut into small pieces~
and some egg~ and some salted lobak~( chili if u wan )
and its ready to serve~

the fried carrot cake smell so good~
so so so so good~~
i love it as well~
mom finish it!!!
cost me RM3 for tis big packet of carrot cake
of course they hav the small packet 1 which cost RM2.40
yum yum carrot cake~

this is muar style tua tia giam chai~
its actually 'mixed pork soup'
popo love tis~
suitable for ppl who dun like heavy stuff for morning~
RM3 for tis.
super cheap isnt it???
come wif a bowl of white rice

its my turn!!
this is my FAVOURITE !!!!
the kuey-chap
wat is kuey-chap?
let me explain~
kuey is kuey tiau~
but not the normal style kuey tiau..
but a thicker version of kuey tiau~
chap is mixed stewed pork
whr they hav large range of choices tat is the skin,intestine and wateva tat u wan,they wil hav it
last time when i'm young...
my dad usually wil bring me out for breakfast~(mom and sis wil sleep like a pig at home)
we wil sit infront of the stall~
and enjoy out kuey chap
even till now when tat guy selling kuey chap saw me..
he will say : "from young eat til now hor "
dad wil always say : " ya lo.. eat til now so fat.. stil cant stop eating!!!"

but its true~
everytime i go back muar~
tis is my MUST EAT!
they stewed everything wil all sorts of spices~
which make it smell so good!!
really yummy!!!
i love it! i really love it!!!
this is the best for breakfast!
this is oh-so-yummy
this is oh-my goodness
this is oh-i love it

this is the kuey~
which is the thick version of kuey tiau..
its actually plain soup..
but they add in the stewed pork sauce~
then some salted lobak~
and tat makes this kuey chap work so well!
really well~
this is kuey chap~ tiff's all time favourite!

and of course~
i finish everything!
except for the fatty part~

after tat we went to tanjung muar for a look at those monkey~
there are lots of monkey thr~
they've got no food..
and some kind heated ppl wil bring food for them~
some children wil giv them junkfood..
and the monkey really love junkfood~

as for lunch~
we are at muar 4th road~
the road is called 4th road~
dun ask me why~it 'born' to be like tat..haha

the weather is so so so so so so hot..
its burning hot..
and if i stand under the sun for 30 minutes..
u can call me roasted tiff~
saw tis soya milk stall..
and its my favourite!

order 1 packet of this !
i nid some cold drinks!
i dun wanna be dehydrated!

we had duck rice for our lunch~
the stewed duck rice~
taste not bad~
but kinda oily~
dun really like it..

we order a bowl of kacang soup as well~
burning hot weather outside..
and we are drinking burning hot soup in the shop~

the kacang soup hav lots of kacang!
and then lots of chicken feet..
i dun eat chicken feet..
cuz according to mom~
the more u eat.. ur writing wil be ugly~
i'm satisfy wif my writing..
i dun wanna hav ugly writing~
so i better not to touch the chicken feet~

not only had our food in muar~
we hav take a way as well..
wat we da bao from muar lea????
of course the muar famous otak-otak!!!
yooo hoooo~~
whoever who din taste otak otak when u come to MUAR..
u're consider never been to MUAR!
one of my relatives
i dunno wat to call her..
i juz call her like my cousin call her 'fifth aunt'
she's selling her secret recipe otak-otak!
and i personally feel that her otak otak is the best in muar!

the otak otak is 'cooking'..
wat do u call tis process?
not sure~

after 'BBQ?'
they wil turn to a lighter green colour~
its actually the coconut tree leaf~
and otak otak is actually curry paste wif pieces of fish or prawn or sotong or fish head~
yum yum otak otak~
smell so good!
50 otak otak for us to bring back KL!!
yooo hooo~
50 lea...means i can eat lots of them!!
yeah yeah!

i cant tahan til back KL!
immediately in the car~
i edi start to eat~ and take pic~
mom scold: u cannot wait ar???
tiff : cannot!!
rm0.40 per otak otak
u can choose either in batang form~
or in box form~
of course the batang 1 is better wif the fragrance of coconut leaf~

dad kinda disspointed of muar food nowadays~
not so yummy compare to last time
time change~human change~everything change~
wat to do??
hope my kuey chap wil not extinct!