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lorong pan min (3) -desa setapak
Wednesday, May 7, 2008 / 5/07/2008 07:30:00 PM

today recess me n bao bei, mei ying , siao ying, and cheng luan..
5 of us went to desa setapak for the pan min~
this is the 3rd visit to tis RESTAURANT SSL..
which is at the lorong..
i wodering is it a RESTAURANT since its juz a stall in the lorong?
i used to call it lorong pan min..
we wanted to take tarc bus thr..
but seems tats we hav to wait for long...
so v decided to take taxi thr..
5 of us squeeze into the taxi!
of course i always sit in front..
the back 1 was ....hahahaha
each of us pay RM1..
the taxi driver earn alot lea~

this is ordered by bao bei..
the spicy xue-xu-mian..
i dun realy noe wat it call....
" snow-mustache-mee " wahahahaha..
the spicy xua-xu-mian comes wif minced meat and some black fungus slice..

tis is mine!
spicy curry chicken xue xu mian..
sounds spicy right?
but hor..
juz a little spicy...
not to my expectation~
i tot it wil be very very hot..
when they served to me i was like 'oh my goodness'
but when i hav the 1st mouth..
i was like 'cieh~, no big deal'

tis is mei ying's 1...
the curry chicken pan mian~the soupy version..
dunno y they didnt ask mei ying whether she wan the thick version or the thin version..
they give mei ying the thin 1 which is not really yummy..
the whether is hot~
plus the super hot burning curry soup..
mei ying is sweating!!!
she say she wun order tis anymore....

tis is siao ying's 1..
the spicy xue xu mian soupy version..
siao ying say its like the normal soup..
as she dun feel spicy at all..
she memang dun feel spicy..
she can finish 1 whole bowl of cili padi..
and tell u its not spicy!
siao ying say this not really yummy~

while waiting for our mee~
me n bao bei walk to the perfect ice~
bao bei 1st try while its my 2nd try..
we order the dragon fruit and red bean flavour~
the red bean taste nt bad~
the dragon fruit colour is nice~but taste so so je..
mix flavour cost RM2

when we wanna go back to tarc..
we decided to take the tarc bus back college~
1st time riding on the tarc bus although i'm thr for 1 year..
the tarc bus really impress me!!!
fully aircond!
and its really cold!
wif curtain..
suprisingly its not dirty at all!!
the bus giv me a good impression cuz of the air cond is really strong~
good try~
the RM0.60 bus ticket~
its a 1 way ticket...
u hav to purchase tis at tarc b4 riding on the bus...

after makan was the chemistry practical class..
i manage to finish my experiment on time..
and done all calculation n data grouping on time!!
tis is my result of sodium hydrogencarbonate react wif citric acid~
haha~ its an endothermic reaction so the solution wil turn cold..
every1 was saying tat its like the cold 100 plus~
we were saying 'cheers' around when we doing the experiment~

tis is teh siao ying!
she always lack of confident and think tat her experiment failed..
so she din wanna use her result..
and look at tis pic carefully!
( siao ying, ur experiment is right la ! )
she's copying my result!!!!!