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♥ Significant ♥

jalan ipoh wan tan min
Thursday, May 1, 2008 / 5/01/2008 09:28:00 PM

actually mom wanna hav bak kut teh~
but dad say no as he wanna eat light food...
so I drive to Jln Ipoh for tis wan tan mee stall..
same as the ming kei pan min..
in front of the store..
there is 1 roll of little little stall..
n thr..
u can find ming kei~
n oso tis wan tan mee stall tat i gonna intro to u guys..
it is situated at the corner or the roll of stalls..
but 1 thing make them special..
they hang up newspaper in front of their stall..

the wan tan mee stall...
every1 is busying~

my cup of lo hon ko~
yum yum~
not too sweet~

mom order tis red bean tong shui ( ang - tau - jui )
without the santan~
mom say it taste good..cuz its not too sweet~

dad & mom loves tis..
the green chili + vinegar..
they say the wan tan mee goes well wif this chili wor..
i dunno~ i dun like tis....

dad & mom order tis~
the cha siew wan tan min...
dad order the large 1 while mom order the small 1..
i dun like the cha siew~
too fat..
look at the fats..
i dun like~
i prefer the thin version of cha siew..
but the cha siew is soft~ taste good..
as well as the wan tan min..
yum yum wan tan min~

i order tis slice chicken wan tan min..( kai - si )
yummy chicken..
yummy wan tan min
i like tis!!!
the chicken is soft!
wif some chicken sauce on it..
i love tis!!!!
yummy chicken slice~
but i dun un y my plate of vege all are STEMS!
i hate vege stemS!
i wan the 'leaf'...

besides tat..
we order tis wan tan soup as well..
come wif 10 biji of wan tan~
and some vege~
i'm happy to see some 'leaf'...
yum yum wan tan~
soft n well marinated pork~
i love it!!!

cost us RM12.80 for our dinner!
so cheap lea..
cant believe it!!