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Happy Cirty steamboat , kepong
Saturday, May 17, 2008 / 5/17/2008 06:41:00 PM

again our gang went out and 'happy'
our all time favourite tat is the steamboat in kepong~
which the tomyam soup thr is superb!
so 4 of us...anson tiff zyrence and t3 had dinner together here~
yum yum~
i'm looking forward for it at 1st~
but~i'll never come back again
happy city steamboat~
tis wil be the last time i eat steamboat here..
look at the end of tis blog~

steamboat tools~

the sweet sauce and chili sauce to dipped wif the fishball and all~

lots of ingredients isnt it??????
all wil masuk into my stomach later on!!!

the bihun and yee min~
we change the bihun into yee min~
as all of us love yee min more than bihun!
and 3 eggs!!!

add on of the mushroom which is anson's favourite~
seafood taufu which is zyrence and tiff's favourite~
and the fu chuk is is every1's favourite!!

the white taufu and the seafood taufu which i love the most!!!!!
my ji mui zyrence same as me!
love the seafood taufu and white taufu alot alot alot!

i feel this fishball look like shit~
its otak-otak wrap wif fish paste~
weird combination~
the otak otak is not yummy~
if u wanna taste the best otak otak~
MUAR is the right place~
my hometown is muar~
so i love otak otak alot!
but the otak otak here is......

we are waiting for the soup to boil before we put in the ingredient~
i'm hungry~~

while waiting for the soup to boiled~
the side dish is here~
this is the LOTUS PASTE WIF MANGO in some crispy 'skin'
tis is my FAVOURITE!
dun tot tat mango and lotus paste is a weirdo combination~
they actually taste so YUMMY!
and the 'skin' is so crispy!
so so so so crispy!
thumbs up!
love it!

the soup is boiling hot~
time to put in the ingredients~

wah~ all ingredients is push into the hot boiling soup~
both tomyam soup and plain soup~
before closing the cover...
we only remember the mushroom isnt in tat soup~
tat is anson's favourite~ how can we forget it??
so we add in the mushroom~~
yeah!!! i'm waiting and waiting and waiting~

its full wif all ingredients!!!
so now its time to close the cover~
wait for the soup to boil and the ingredients to cook!!
the process of waiting is suffering!!
* faster!!! i'm hungry!!!!*

look at the egg..
i'm the 1 who cook tis u noe???
look so tempting isnt ???
the egg york is still watery~
and the egg white is juz cook~
i'm proud of myself!!!
**tis is secret recipe from anson and zyrence**

the bill come up to RM60++ which i found out tat its quite cheap~

such a yummy steamboat~
y i wun go back again lea?
the story begins when i taking pic at the foods and everything~
a waitress come near me
waitress : Here cannot take pic! ( wif a stupid look)
tiff : i'm juzt taking pic wif foods for my own collection
waitress: tis is foods from our company ...u cannot take it
anson: take some pic for our collection only~ wats the big deal?
tiff: i'm not paparazi!
waitress: U DUN LOOK LIKE!
( and she walk off like tat)
GOSH!!!! SHIT!!!'
wat do u mean by 'u dun look like?'
u shitty!!!!! #@*#@@#*?@#*
u spoilt my mood ! u spoilt my day!!
shit u shit u shit u shit u!
wat do u mean by cannot take pic?
those are juz frozen food..
wats the big deal????
or the fish is frm ur pond~ vege is from ur farm~
then u HANDMADE it into fishball ?
juz frozen food which u can get everywhr and now u try to play a fool wif me?
not tat i taking the pic what company whr u get those frozen food frm..
u shitty!
frm small little stall beside the road to pasar malam to big restaurant in pavillion~
i can take pic whenever i wan~
and now???? u tis small little steamboat shop wanna play a fool wif me?
no way!
thr's not even a sign thr " no taking pic"
i wil never go back thr again!
walk off after " u dun look like "
wat is it mean?look down at me????
she's clever~ she noe how to walk off..
if not~ my gang of frens wil scold her...
but the whole nite while we eating~
her eyes is staring at us..
excuse me!!!! i should stare at u! not u stare at me!
1st time i had such a 'angry dinner'all because of u!!!
went and complaint bout her attitude~
hope i wil never see her again~
such customer service~
she is chasing off her regular customer~
i'll never go back thr~