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♥ Significant ♥

gei tuck sek kepong
Saturday, May 24, 2008 / 5/24/2008 05:47:00 PM

im having exam soon..
so i dint follow my fren out but stay at home..
so how..another crazy fren call me out 4 a tea break...
she ask me 2 decide where to eat..
but end up..
she is the 1 who drove me to the place without letting me know..
funny fren!!
we went to GEI TUCK SEK..
which located in kepong.

1ce me n my fren reach thr..
u can only c mymouth and her mouth open widely..
not cz we r hungry..
but bcz there r really alot of people...
i was looking around trying to look 4 food..
where as my fren so smart..
she gt a place..
ppl stand 4 10mins adi..still standing lea..

these pots are the pots they use 2 cook their "tong sui"
i want to take the picture of all tong sui..
but i look at the boss look..
i think i btr sit down..

this is the only menu i saw in the stall...
is all for the noodle..
and i ordered "zha jiong min"

beside the tong shui pots..
there go all the snacks that you can order..
and they will fried it or steam it for u.

there are so much of choices...
till i duno what to choose..
i ordered afew of them..
n beg my friend to order another few dishes...

look at the food...
all are so clean n TEMPTING....

this is the order list of gek tuck sek..
its blank..
how it works?
scroll down..

they will tick 1 on the list 1ce the food is served..
so guys make sure hoh that they dont double tick..

here comes my tong sui...
waterchessnut with corn..
its really yummy..
my sister is the 1 who influence me to be inlove with it so much..
everytime my dad bring us to this stall..
sure we both will order this..
it is yummy..
not to sweet..
not to starchy....
they cook it with natural ingredients..
and it only cost me RM1.80

this is my fren's mango lou..
she told me"y every 1 oso order mango lou?"
tiff: what you order o?
fren: mango lou lo..
tiff: speechless
it look so tempting right?

the mango is so fresh and the 1ce is so smooth..
the sweet mango sauce is just nice...
which full of mango taste...
i love it..
i curi makan when she dint realise..
it cost us RM5
i duno...

this is chi fan..direct translate "sticky rice"
i bet u have heard it in tvb drama..
"tau jiong chi fan"
i guess is omos similar...
but this 1 they contain alot of isi..
it has yau zha guai..
zha choi..
n so on ..
the chili paste is nice according to my fren..
as im ori girl..i don touch it..
it cost me RM2

here comes my favorite food..
in fact mymom's favo food s well..
if ever me n mymom sit 2gth..
we will start fight 4 it..
its "loh bak gou"

y is it so nice?
it is so soft..
but in it, they make slices of lobak in it..
make the lok bak gou so yummy...
its not oily n salty..
100 marks i give them..
it only cost me rm3.20 per slice..

what is this?

it is paper wrap chicken..haha
they cook it with some herb..
make it fragrance smell..
the chicken is so soft..
i dun12 desribe it...go there n try it..
it only cost us RM2.80

look at this pic think of seafood?
you are wrong..
its 1 of the snacks of gei tuck sek..
they call it crab shell..

i turn 1 of them over..
it look like this..
my fren complaint...
cz im the 1 who chose it..
fren: y you choose this?
tiff: cz it look cute....
fren *taste*
tiff: how's it..
fren: tiff..nvr judge the book by the cover..
Tiff: means yummy?
fren: no...
i guess you know how it taste..
n it cost me RM3.30 per shell..

this is ordered by my fren..
ok...i shall bring her along whenever thr is new place 4 me 2 go..
watever she order is damn yummy..
this is so yummy..
it made of ham,seaweed..n etc...
its crispy outside n soft inside..
n its reli reli yummy!!!!
if im nt mistaken..
they put some wasabi inside..fuiyoh..
it only cost me RM2.80 for this seaweed roll.

this is siew mai...
its has no different 4m other places..
my fren order this bcz i love it...
but it is damn expensive..
dun order this if u r not craving for it..
6 biji of this cost me RM7..

overall this is a place which is worth to go..
if you crazy of desert or snacks..
as they have alot of variety..
it located at kepong near "wai sek tong"...
if you dont know the place..
s i knw they have 1 shop in SS2..
1 in 1 utama..near rain forest exit...
i will go to the 1 in 1u nextime..
i dun like waiting~~~hhahaha...