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7. Age 21. Student of UCSI. Food Science and Nutrition.

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♥ Significant ♥

delifrance @ jusco ,wangsa maju
Tuesday, May 6, 2008 / 5/06/2008 05:08:00 PM

me n mei ying ,bao bei and cheng luan were hunting for food!!!!
cheng luan nid to makan 2 ppl's portion!!
walking up n down..
left n right..
we got no idea wat to eat...
went to old town kopitiam..
but there's ntg special over thr..
every1 was wondering wat smells so good??
then only we noe is from the delifrance right infront of old town ..
we decided to hav delifrance for out brunch ( breakfast + lunch )

the 'pastry counter' which display lots n lots n lots of breads,tarts ,sandwiches~

the menu of delifrance~
wow... more ! more! more foods...
mei ying n bao bei having difficulty when choosing wat to eat...
mei ying: i think i take tis
bao bei: i feel this oso not bad wor...
mei ying: nono.. i better stick to this...
bao bei : there's alot more behind!!!!! wat should i eat?
mei ying: take tis! dun look at others!!

a few pic about those pastry in delifrance:

all of them look so so so so delicious!!
so so so so so so so tempting isnt it?

there comes the appitizer...
soup of the day..
the cream of mushroom...
arh!!! every1 was complaining bout tis soup!!
its not hot enough!!!!!!!
its creamy~ and 'thick' enough~
strong smell of cream as well as mushroom...
y wanna serve us cold soup??
we wan hot soup!!!!!

me n bao bei order this..
the chicken lasagna ( bottom of the pic ) order by me..
and the ratatouille rice order by bao bei ( the top of the pic )

my chicken lasagna!
super yummy!!
i like it~
the cheese smell which is so strong..
i'm in love wif this...
mei ying , bao bei and luan hav a try of my lasagna..
they say its yummy !!
cost me RM 13.50 for tis chicken lasagna..

bao bei Ratatouille rice wasnt tat yummy ...
strong brinjal smell which i really dislike it...
overall i think its not yummy...
its full of BRINJAL!!!
even bao bei , mei ying n luan say its not yummy..
cost bao bei RM16.90 for tis not yummy ratatouille...
* bao bei attracted to it cuz of its name - Ratatouille...*

this is ordered by luan..
the tuna sandwich...
i love tis as well...
luan say the deco of the sandwich is not as good as the sunway piramid 1..
i shall go thr 1 day n blog bout it..
cost luan RM13.90 for tis....
the ppl thr are way too 'clever'...
til they forget to include tis tuna sandwich in the bill..
which means tat ah luan eat tis for FREE
clever! intelligent! bravo! i salute u~~!!!!

mei ying go for tis egg D'vine croissant~
i like the egg filling~
taste so yummy~~
love it!!!
mei ying say the vege for the salad is not clean~
the onion is too raw~
but overall we love tis sandwich...
cost RM12.90 for tis set~

the tuna sandwich , egg D'vine and Ratatouille comes in set wif a cup of soft drinks n soup of the day..
but not for the chicken lasagna!
every1 vote for my chicken lasagna!!
yeah~~ tiff , u made a right choice..
the bill come up to RM49.80
we were shock as it doesnt exceed RM50!
we look at the bill..
left out luan's tuna sandwich~
but to make it fair..
we divide the bill into 4...
each of us pay RM12 for our meal!
thx cashier~