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claypot chicken rice -jalan ipoh
Thursday, May 8, 2008 / 5/08/2008 04:12:00 PM

tis is 1 of my favourite!!
the claypot chicken rice!!!!
my sis,steph goin back to spore by flight today..
b4 she depart..
we decided to hav lunch together as i skip my bio lecture today ( u noe i noe la ^^)
so steph drives us down to jalan ipoh for tis claypot chicken rice..
the claypot chicken rice is sell for breakfast and lunch~
it is situated at the roll of shop in front of THE STORE...

its burning hot in the afternoon but tis uncle hav to prepare the claypot chicken rice for us..
the claypot chicken rice is of course serve in a claypot and cook on top of charcoal...
it take quite a long time for tis chicken rice to be cooked~
and in front of the charcoal fire..its burning hot!
uncle... i salute u!!
imagine u BBQ from morning til afternoon under the hot sun..
then u noe how hot is it infront of charcoal fire

the infinity chili padi!
thr are big bowl of chili padi for each table~
u can eat it as much as u can!
but i hate chili padi...
no way i wil try tis!

thr comes the claypot chicken rice~~
hot hot hot hot hot!
look at the steam..
not tat my camera is blur..
is tat the hot steam make the pic blur~
large amount of chicken! ( cuz v order the tambah ayam )
as well as the ginger slice,chinese sausage,salted fish which i hate the most and some onion~
smells so goood~~
i cant wait for it!!!

look at the ginger slice..
i hate it! but mom loves it!
u hav to mix it before eating it~
mix everything around especially the salted fish~
its better to use the hot rice to cover on the chicken for few seconds so tat the chicken is totally cooked!

after mixing...
the black colour is due to the black soysauce~
and also cause the of the black soysauce,
the claypot chicken rice taste perfect! yummy!!!
the chicken is so soft~ the chinese sausage taste good~
the best combination!
i'm lovin it~

we also order the vege~( yau - choi )
dump it into the hot boiling water for few minutes~
take it up..
drain of the water..
add some soysauce~ and some oyster sauce~
and also the fried onion~
the vege taste GOOD!!!
i love tis as well!!

the total bill come up to be RM20.60 wif 2 cups of cold chinese tea~
cheap isnt it!
i love tis alot alot!

besides about food which can put into ur mouth to make u feel full..
we should noe how to test for the content in food..
such as protein,carbohydrate,sugar and bla bla bla..
today i shall show u theBenedict test for reducing sugar~
which i did in the lab today~
* i transform into teacher edi ..kakakaka*

add 1ml of the solution tat u wanna test in a test tube~
and then add equal amount of Benedict Reagent~

put it into the water bath~
boil for 5 minutes..
and u can see clearly the colour change

the result tat i can obtain from Benedict Test..
the orange and green 1 which is at the left show's positive result..
both blue solution at the right shows negative result...

all my result tat i got from other test such as Biuret test for proteins,non reducing sugar test and iodin test
the colour is so nice isnt it?
the orange colour is like our orange juice~

besides doin the food test..
i walk around the lab and discover tis..
the insects~
this is better than tat time they were to dissect the white mice!
and they cut them~put it into the formalin for few days~
and when my classmates open the cover due to our curiosity ~
gosh!! smells so 'gooood'...
this show how cruel is STPM students..( STPM students dun kill me ^.^)
A-level students dun hav such dissect practical~ thank god~
imagine when i step into the lab looking at hundreds of mice which is waiting to be dissect~
arh~ i dun feel good!

"PLEASE DON'T KILL ANY MORE INNOCENT LIVING!Have some sympathy!Imagine u were caught and stuff with formalin"
tis is cute isnt it~~
i support this ppl who write this notes..
i suspect its frm my class...
but i dunno who is it..
but wat he or she say is right~
imagine u were caught and stuff wil formalin..
wat u feel?
even thought they were just white mice~
but...they are living organism!