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♥ Significant ♥

yummy chic rice~ stupid guy!
Sunday, April 20, 2008 / 4/20/2008 05:19:00 PM

family day~
as usual every saturday n sunday my mom wun be cooking at home..
we wil makan outside~
at 1st mom say wanna eat the fish ball noodle at kepong~
then she change her mind wanna eat chicken rice..
so dad suggest to go to SRI GOMBAK for tis chicken rice~
they dun hav name i think~
or maybe their name is 'menggunakan arang kayu'
here write in chinese n malay~
tat they use traditional method tat is roast using charcoal~
i think tis wil be yummy~
cuz the chicken look so tempting!

as u sit down~
they wil immediately serve u tis bowl of soup..
i dunno wat soup is tis~
but taste sweet wif chicken bones~
yummy soup~
i dunno whether they are refillable or not~
because i dun see any1 ask for refill~

the chicken rice!!!!
the 'chicken' taste is so strong!!
i love tis !
very very much !
behind is a bowl of cha siew sauce they give~
i dunno why the sauce dun taste sweet~
i think its tasteless~
i dunno y..

there it comes the chicken tat dad hav order!!
come wif siew yok~ siew chicken~ n siew yok!
so so so so so yummy..
look at the cha siew~~~
they roast it til the cha siew is a little bit hangus!
i love tis!
i definitely love tis!
cha siew!!!~i love u!!

they wil serve every1 penang lobak~
which they say does not contain MSG wor..
i dunno how true is tis~
but tis taste yummy!
LOBAK!!!~ i love u~!!!

tis is wat they famous of..
their siew yok~
tis is sooooo yummy~~
tis is sooooo soooooo sooooo yummy!!!
i love tis..
the skin on top of it is crispy!!
the meat is soft n juicy~
i like it~
they cut it into bigger piece~
so tat v can taste it better!
i like tis!
i like tis sooooo much!!!

after our breakfast~
we went to jusco prima, kepong for some groceries~
n mom wanna go to the digi booth to pay her bills..
n take back her money!!
actually im in good mood cuz the chicken rice really make me happy!
tis stupid Mobile city guy ( the digi booth is in the mobile city )
spoilt my mood!!!
cheat my mom's money!!!!
u did the wrong things but u wanna shout at us?
the stories begins when my mom wanna change the digi business plan to digi 1 plan..
tat stupid-brainless-uneducated guy say tat CHANGE OF PLAN NID TO PAY RM50!!
then my mom pay because she dunno anything bout it..
after tat.. i called digi n asked whether change of plan nid to pay or not..
they say NOPE!
so my sis bring my mom back to tat shop~
to ask tat guy~
tat guy stil insist tat digi wil deduct from the monthly bill~
he said to wait fot 2 or 3 months~
ok fine~
my sis dun wana argue wif tat guy~
so v decided to wait~
after tat my mom make a call to DIGI asking whether did they receive payment RM50 frm my mom's no. from mobile city on tat day..
digi say no!
so i noe tat tis mobile city guy has cheat my mom's money!
so today we went to tat shop..
and ask tat guy...
at 1st he insist he didn't receive money from my mom..
after a while..
he say tat money he receive is for changing of plan..
he is twisting his words~
he is stupid!
tat time when my sis is thr he say nid to pay as my mom wanna change plan..
n today~
he say tat he din receive the money..
wat r u talking about?????
if u din cheat..
u nid to twist ur word around tat way???
ur face look scare~
when we ask for ur name n ic...
u write it out..
ur hand shivering~
if u din do anything wrong..
u nid to shiver????
u nid to hav those scared look???
ur fault to cheat my mom's money~
n yet u're shouting at us u din receive the money..
n then shout back tat u take the money for the change of plan...???
my mom is angry cuz of u!!
i wil lodge a report bout u!
its not the matter of money~
its the matter of honesty~
u can cheat my mom..
means u can cheat others as well...
i dun think tat my mom is the only 1 u cheat!
im sure many ppl kena b4..
u'll definitely kena from me..
i wil lodge a report..
i'll make sure tat u get ur punishment!
dun ever shout at my mom as u wil definitely regret !