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7. Age 21. Student of UCSI. Food Science and Nutrition.

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♥ Significant ♥

thx.... unnamed guy...
Wednesday, April 16, 2008 / 4/16/2008 08:24:00 PM

3rd day in tis week i walk to TBR for lunch..
everyday was trying different things as i wan my blog to be as interesting as possible..
n today~~~
i'm proud of myself!!!!!
cuz of tis food blog...
i did...
i did....something....which...... I WUN DO IT AGAIN!!!!!

tis is sy's pan min..
sy fav is pan min lo...
sy do not favour tis pan min...
she prefer the 1 at the last shop...
tis pan min cost RM3...
again sy pour the chili into the soup!
n drink it!
oh my goodness!!

my another food buddies..
order tis tom yam fried rice..
i've try tis b4..
like the tomyam taste..
but to me is not strong enough..
shindy say tis fried rice not bad wor..
wif 2 little piece of dunno wats tat..
taste not bad...
RM3 for tis HUGE portion of fried rice...
erm...cheap i think~
i think they should put more tomyam paste in it...
so tat the taste is stronger~

noe y i proud of myself????
cuz i QUEUE UP for 15 minutes for tis plate of chicken rice!!!
argh~~~ i sacrifice so much for my blog lea..
15 min???? those who noe me wil noe..
anything nid to WAIT.... tiff wil DUN WAN..
i dun like to wait!
but tis time..
i wait for 15 minutes~~
not because i feel its tasty...
but because lots of ppl queue up for tis chic rice..
long long long long long longggg queue..
dunno y cause them to patient enough to wait!
so today...
i queue n try tis chicken rice!!
i think it is famous wif its SESAME CHICKEN..
which most of the ppl order...
the uncle use the whole drumstick...( boneless )
well marinate it..
n then add some sesame..
n roast it!
taste not bad..
besides sesame chicken..
i order the roasted pork too...( cha siew )
i love tis!
thumbs up for tis cha siew!
i love it..
well marinated pork...roast it...
wif a little bit hangus....
love it!
love the smell!
RM 4 for tis cha siew+sesame chicken rice

although the roast pork is yummy...
but not worth for me to queue for 15 minutes....
once n for all..
i'll never queue for it again~

wanna special thanks to a guy..
which i dunno wats his name
dunno which course he's in..
but i noe..
he is VERY KIND~
today~ i drop my mp3 in one of the classroom..
i edi give up as i feel sure there's some1 wil take it away n wun give it back to me..
tis guy~ unnamed guy....
saw me finding for it..
stop me in the middle of the road..
and ask : erm... r u looking for tis??
i was smiling n say : YES YES!!! THANKS A LOT!!!
he was in a cool way : NO PROB...NO PROB....
how come there is some1 which is so kind in tis world??
CREATIVE ZEN MP3 ...limited edition 1..
n u're not greedy to own it??
hope i can meet u 1 day..
really wanna say thank you again~