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taman kok doh pasar malam
Friday, April 18, 2008 / 4/18/2008 09:45:00 PM

whr am i tis friday huh???
i went to taman kok doh pasar malam!!
which hav lots n lots n lots of yummy food thr!

wat is my 'appetizer' huh?
saw tis vietnamese popiah which hav a 'ho chak' on it..
definitely i wanna give it a try!!!
everytime when i wanna try tis out..
sure there's long long long long queue...
since today i was quite early..
i decided to try tis vietnamese popiah..
tis is soooooo yummy!
the 'skin' is salty..
the coconut slices make the popiah smell so good!
the the 'mak nga tong' make the popiah taste sweet...
from salty to sweet...
tis is good!
definitely good!
give tis a try if u ever saw tis stall around u~
sorry for the blur picture of the popiah~~
5300 is juz 1.3 MP....
tis popiah cost RM1.20...

the 2nd food i try is tis muo chi!!
there r different types of flavour...
original,black sesame,greetea, n a few more flavour..
i choose the original 1...
uncle is preparing the 'original' muo chi for me..
i'm waiting~~~~ * uncle ,faster la......*

tis is my muo chi 'bathing' in the peanuts
bath til whole body full wif peanut!!
n u wil go inside my stomach!!
* uncle, faster la.....i tak sabar sabar ni...* yeah!!!
my muo chi is ready!!!
oh my goodness!!
tis muo chi is so so so so soft!!!
super extremely soft!
i really mean it!
its so yummy wif the peanuts !!!
tis cost me RM2 which i feel super CHEAP!

my stomach hav more space!
i nid food!! food!!
i try out tis taiwanese fried chicken
a -li-san fried chicken...
funny name~

aunty busy frying the chicken nuggets~
tis is my 1st time try on the chicken nuggets..
everytime i wil try on those boneless+skinless chicken chop..
my chicken nuggets is ready!!!
add some chili powder n some pepper!
there is goes into my stomach!
yum yum~
the chicken nuggets is 'wrap' up wif a layer of flour..
fried til it turn golden colour...
tis is super crispy!
which i like it!
i shall ask for more chili powder nex time..
so tat it taste more spicy!
RM4.90 for tis..
* i think so la~*

everywhere u go...
u wil see tis CJ-7..
yes! i mean EVERYWHERE !!!
most of the stall is selling tis CJ7..
tis is a stall...
specialised in selling CJ7!
from the toys to the bags to the handphone accesories!
mad! mad ! mad!
i da bao tis for my mom..
the rojak buah~
which taste yummy wif some fry yau cha kuai~

i saw tis stall selling my favourite siu-mai~
5 piece for RM4...
i shall try tis out..

another special food here is its 'one-mouth-bun'...
the bun is really small..
u can kao tim n juz 1 mouth!the siu mai which is super hot!!!
taste good~
i was sweating all the way when i try out all those food..
so i find a table sit down n hav a drink..
i order the soursop lou~

tis is the soursop lou..
doesnt really taste yummy..
the ice is not soft enough~
soursop taste is not strong~
but tis can act as a cooling effect!
to lower down my body temperature...
i'm so hot!sweat like hell!

after the bowl of soursop lou..
i try out tis curry fishball~
i look so tempting~
so i try it..
its tooooooo spicy!!!
i nid water!
water!i run to a stall selling tis lo-hon-ko...
faster pay the money~
then drink a mouth~
i feel better~

wat is tis???
tis is crystal kuih...
b4 it goes into the steamer~

crystal kuih is ready!!
it look so pretty isnt it
it taste good as well~
wif mengkuang inside it..
tis is mom all time favourite..
so i da bao tis for my mom~hahaaha..
tis is our favourite!!
the lok-lok~
fat man lok lok which is quite famous in my area~

the sauce is ready thr for u to dipped~
the sweet sauce~chili sauce~ n satay sauce!
satay sauce is my favourite!!!!
i wil never forget to introduce tis!
seafood taufu!
my favourite!!
tis is so so yummy!!!

si ham!!
i dun like tis!
but seems tat every1 like tis..

look at anson eating the si ham~
she wil kill me if she saw tis picture...
hahahahahow yummy is the si ham?
look at my ji mui,zyrence expression..
she definitely happy n satisfy wif her si ham!

yummy lok lok!
our gang all time favourite!
i eat alot today~
wat to do..
i scarifise for my blog...
its happy to hang out wif tis gang..
as they are crazy!!!
crazying around after our lok lok lea..
laugh n laugh n laugh~
juz love to hang out wif them..
which make me stress free~
love u guys~muack~