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restaurant miu kai,kepong
Saturday, April 26, 2008 / 4/26/2008 03:38:00 PM

on the way to uptown...
i knw sure will pass by this restaurant which they r famous with their HK cuisine.
so i decided 2 bising all along the way..so that T3 will bring me thr..
she give up listen 2 my bisingness..so she make a turning to this lot which is near the HSBC building.

this is "miu kai" restaurant....
they serve yummy polo bun...
fresh from the oven daily...

this is their polo bun..
they took it out 4m the oven 1ce i ordered..
they have 3 types 1 is butter..1 "nai yao wong" n 1 more is yam..
i have tried butter n nai yao wong..
the best still is the best...
yi jit pang!!!!!
yes..i did ordered the nai yao wong polo bun which cost me RM2++
mates...u shud have a try!!!!
the top layer is very crispy...
n the inner part is really really taste good..

this egg tart is freshly out 4m the oven..
awwww....smell so good~~~
i ordered 1 of tis..
yum yum~
the pastry is sooooo crispy~
the egg is soooooo soft...
taste good...
i love tis!
thumbs up!!

they are famous wif the cha siew sou as well..
but i've never tried it b4..
i wil try it nex time whenever i hav chance to drop by..
maybe i shall bising t3 again nex time...
good luck to t3..
u're damn lucky to hav tis kai mui~!