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restaurant BBS junction,ramli burger~selayang BBS
Wednesday, April 30, 2008 / 4/30/2008 09:17:00 PM

mom is not cooking tonight~
maybe because she lazy to go pasar~
suppose to ask dad to da bao dinner~
but dad having happy hour wif his fren~
so me n my mom decided to hav our yum yum ramli burger~
the restaurant BBS junction at BBS~
they serve the yummylicious ramli burger~
yes~ there are many stall of ramli burger in this whole wide world~
but trust me~
tis is the best ramli burger i ever had in my 19 years old life~
yes~ every1 can cook ramli burger~
but~ not every1 can cook it so yummy like tis restaurant did~" burger ayam special dua~"
tis is wat i told the guy when i reach thr..
that guy wil always say " tunggu kejap ya, ah moi~"
argh~ i dun like to be ah moi~
n everytime~
its not sekejap~
its very long time..
because they are damn good business!
they hav choice of ayam n lembu~ n telur or tidak~
ayam special means daging ayam + telur~
faster faster~ i'm waiting!!!

another guy is ready wif the bread at the bottow~
wif a few slices of timun~ pineapple~ and bawang~huge portion of cabbage!
and lots of chili sauce~
* tis is the only time i eat chili sauce~ i think ramli burger + chili sauce =best combination*
when the frying guy is done wif the daging ayam + telur~
he wil pass to tis guy~
he wil immediately put in on the bread~
n the top add more cabbage!
add more chili sauce!
n then mayonise~
at last~
cover it wif the top of the bread

the burger and up like a tall building~
cuz of the cabbage~~
and the chili sauce is like flood~
look at the daging ayam~
u noe how he cook?
he use 2 round round thing~
1 fill wif egg white~ another 1 fill wif egg york~~
then he wil put the daging ayam in 1 of the round round thing either egg york or egg white~
then he wil take it out~
out it onto another round round thing~
this is to make sure tat both side of the daging ayam oso hav the egg~
its amazing n creative isn't it??
if u wan~
u can request tat the egg dun cook too long~
so tat the york is still in liquid form~
when u bite it~
the egg york leak out~
wow!!! the feeling is so good!
look at the large portion of cabbage~~

trust me~
ur mouth cant insert everything~
for me..
i wil eat up some of the cabbage 1st~
then only i wil open up my GIANT mouth to eat the burger~
taste soooooo gooooood!!!
tiff n mom all time favourite~
the daging ayam special burger~~
quite fattening to eat this burger isnt it??
in my mind: eat once awhile only ma.. wun fat de la...