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3. Photography is my LOVE.
4. I love doggies - cute, furry.
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6. I wish for a never-ending list of things.
7. Age 21. Student of UCSI. Food Science and Nutrition.

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♥ Significant ♥

happy birthday yf~
Sunday, April 20, 2008 / 4/20/2008 10:48:00 AM

today another ppl turn lau kok kok looo...
today is yf's 21st bday...
21 years old edi...
so old...
* yf dun kill me plz~ *

so v decided to go 1u to celebrate her bday...
but i cant go out at night.
so v decided to hav lunch together to celebrate yf's bday lo..
we went to BBQ plaza..
situate near the rainforest of 1u..
i've been here for thousands of times..
tis is the 1st time i blog bout tis~

in front of the BBQ plaza..
i've waited for 10 seconds for the boys to walk off b4 i wanna take a pic.
seems tat they dun wanna make a move..
so i hav to include u guys all in my blog lo..
there's a cute cute dragon thr..

the menu~

tis is for our pork to 'sit' on it..
the pork wil guling guling on it~~
n there it goes~
into our mouth!!
then go into our stomach!!!
yum yum~

the table setting~
the paper on the table is a guideline for those who never been thr..
tat paper include how mix the sauce n how to BBQ the pork~

they are famous of their secret recipe sauce~
mix wif some cili padi,lemon, n garlic~
the sauce taste sooooooo good!!!

tiff and anson order tis LYCHEE SQUASH...
taste yummy..

t3 order tis orange squash~

tis is their garlic rice..
strong garlic rice which i loveeeeee it soooo much!!
look at the sauce behind~
tis mine!!
mix wif garlic , cili padi n few drops of lemon juice...
its yummy..
too spicy!!!
i've put too much cili padi in it..

as anson is a BIG EATER...
we've no choice but to order the FAMILY PORK SET!
which is a big portion..
this is the pork set..
come wif slice of pork, bacon , fish mee, corn, and huge portion of cabbage~
very genourous portion vege~

tis set oso include the seafood..
which consist of prawns,squid,chicken,fish,fish mee, corn n HUGE portion of cabbage...

start to BBQ looo...
they provide the pork fats..
wipe in over the surface to make it oily so tat the pork would not stick on it..
but v think tat its not healthy~
so v ask for vegetable oil..
which is much more healthy compare to pork oil~
put wat u wan on the hot,oily surface...
put some sauce on it so tat it taste better....
then juz turn here n thr n here n thr til the pork is cook...
thr is soup provided as well..
pour the soup at the side of the hot plate..
then put some vege n fish mee inside of it..

more meat!
more n more meat!
i'm waiting for it to be cook~
i drink the soup n eat the vege..
the soup taste sweet as lots of vege is cook in it..
the sweetness is come naturally from the the vege~
yum yum soup~

while waiting for the meat to be cook~~
we take picture's around~
tis is me n t3 n anson...

anson the big eater..
n tiff the 'small' eater...
* dun laugh! i am a 'small' eater...bleuk *
ppl taking pic..
tat t3 pulak kacau nak punch me~

i choose tis bday cake for yf..
hope she wil like it~

me n bday yf~
she very ork de...
sob sob~

make a wish~
make a wish~
i noe she wish tat i wil be getting slimmer n slimmer~

me n zyrence ji mui~~
tis ji mui sek me alot alot de oh..
super leng lui ji mui~


after tat i insist wanna go n take those nice nice pic~
* t3 wil say i use the wrong words...she say i BISING wanna snap...heng!*
yeah yeah~
say cheese~~~

may all ur dreams come true~
n live happily everyday~
the FAMILY SET look alot rite...
but its definitely not enough wif the presence of anson~
v order another pork set w/o the seafood..
the bill come up to RM93.50~
i think tat its cheap for a meal of 5~