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♥ Significant ♥

Sunday, April 13, 2008 / 4/13/2008 04:59:00 PM

today is granpa 79th bday..
as usual we wil hav dinner in a restaurant named RESTAURANT GUAN SOON
we reach thr kinda late due to heavy rain when on the way back..
i edi speed at 140...but stil cant reach on time..
i'm sorry every1..
and the SHOCK was....
me n dad n mom hav to sit at the VIP table..
which is right infront..
wif grandpa's sis,bro,bla bla bla...
argh~~~ STRESS!!!
dare not to take out my camera to cam whore like last year..
juz sit down guai guai waiting for the food to be served~~

the table setting at GUAN SOON..
which dun look classy~

after about half an hour..
the 1st dish serve...
tis is the appetizer...
or in hokkien the called it 'leng pua'
look nice rite...
but trust me..
the taste~~~~ *disappointed*
as GUAN SOON realy serve good appetizer compare to last time...

on the glass is some seaweed wif a piece of bacon...
the 1 on the shell is scallop fried wif some onion,green pepper wif black soy sauce...
another 1 is fried prawn wif bread crums..
and the blue things on the plate is jelly~~
which is tasteless..
and i think its dirty~
ntg special bout tis...

after the appetizer..
we hav to wait for 30 minutes for the 2nd dish!!!
ya~ i din type wrong..is 30 minutes!!
argh~i'm tired to drive all way long down to muar..and i'm hungry!!!
n u serve ur food so so so so slow... TURTLE!
poor service~

the 2nd dish look pretty...
all 3 dish 'sit' on a piece of tiles..
wif the 'leg' at the bottom...
the 1 on the spoon is fish paste wif dried pork (ba gua)
the 1 on the plate win my heart..
its crispy..
a little of salty..
din really noe wat is it..
according to my dad its a kind of ikan bilis imported from japan..
arh!! yummy!!
the 1 on the bowl is sea cucumber..
very stingy~ only 2 little pieces....
a close look at the fish paste wif ba gua....

after tat there come the mee sua..
look like sampah mee sua..
dont look tempting at all..
i dun like it..
last time GUAN SOON serve the best mee sua in MUAr...
but now?
disappointed wif it...

after tat every1 served wif a bowl of shark fin~
shark fin wif scallop n a little bit of crabmeat..
taste wise...
mom dun like it as it is too sticky..
mom: too starchy like gam~
i finish mine.,.
n finish mom's 1 too.....haha
cuz i love shark fin..
n most important is..
there is a scallop inside it..which i love it!

the next is suckling pig..
taste good~
not too oily..
n the piggy not too fat..
i like tis..

steam fish..
every1 says tat its not fresh~
tiff: i dunno..i dun like fish..
dad dun like it..i guess its really not fresh....

tis is mom's favourite...
yam paste wif pumpkin , red dates... steam wif some 'pig oil'...
its way too sweet for me as i dun like sweet food..
but it smells good..
mom ate lots of it!!!

prawn n vege..
prawn is fresh~
fried wif mushroom...n some vege...
ntg to shout out about...

erm.... after tis dish is fried whole chicken.
well marinated..
but too bad...
its over cooked..
the meat is too dry....

the desert is longan ice...
serve on time!
i miss longan tat time!
din manage to take tis 2 picture as i busy in the toilet..
u noe wat i mean huh?

tis is my gong gong n my po po~~~
happy bday gong gong..

gong gong's bday cake....
i din eat it...
cuz i'm too full..

haha~ say cheese~
at the end of the dinner...
gong gong's son n daughter n some cucu cicit went up the stage n sing bday song...
happy bday gong gong!!

GUAN SOON used to serve yummy food as every year we wil hav gong gong bday party over there..
but tis year..
the food really disappoint me..
the servise disappoint me as well..

* sorry for the poor photography skills..as i only noe how to cam whoring~~! wil try to improve*