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cupcakes at +wondermilk
Saturday, April 26, 2008 / 4/26/2008 03:59:00 PM

which is in cakes in small cups~
i'm in love wif it..
cuz of its attractive look~
which hav many types of design~
yoooo hooo..
tis is the 2nd time i try tis +wondermilk cupcakes in PJ uptown~

the 'counter' which display all types~different variety of cupcakes~

below is all the cupcakes available in +wondermilk...
look nice~ cute~ beautiful!
the strawberry dream~
which look good wif their light pink icing..
and a little love on top of it..

the royal vanilla~
i dunno how it taste like..
but i like the design~
wif a big flower on it~

the mint choc chip!
i dun like mint!
i wun try tis!
no way!

tis is cute...
thr's chicken design.. and cat~
look nice!!!

more cupcakeS!!!!!
more n more cupcakes!!!

the cookies n cream~~
i've tried tis b4~
too sweet~
not as good as the 1 in cupcakes chics

tis is greentea flavour...
i think sy wil like tis...

thr are mini cupcakes as well..
its around 2 inches high~
tis is suitable for party events~
49 mini cupcakes cost RM50...
u can choose the design u wan..
they hav variety of design~
u can booked it in advance~

i order 4 cupcakes..
put in a box which is so beautiful~
the logo of the shop is so cute~

tis is peanut butter taste~
strong peanut taste~

the choco-orange~
chocolate wif orange taste~
it taste so special~

the strawberry dream~
look so so so so beautiful..
taste good as well~~
strong strawberry smell lea~~

i dunno wat tis call....
but it taste not bad wif its icing~
it look so cute...
taste good as well...

the cupcakes at +wondermilk taste not bad~
tis is the 2nd time i taste tis.....
i enjoy looking at the cupcakes more than eating it~
cuz its a little toooo sweet for me..