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♥ Significant ♥

crispy chicken rice...
Tuesday, April 15, 2008 / 4/15/2008 09:01:00 PM

today hav 1 hour recess from 11 to 12...
so as usual me n sy wil walk to TBR hunt for our food!!!
today kinda windy~
so snoopy can rest in my bag!

on the way to TBR...
me n sy try out tis crispy creep( i'm sorry... i dunno wat tis call)
damn crispy wei!
n its hot when v buy it..
the peanuts taste so good...smell so good...
wif some jagung paste..
some sugar in it!!
tis definitely win my vote!!!
arh~~ i'm in love wif it...
walk to TBR wif crispy creep in my hand!!!

today the taiwan ice din open...
i get to noe tat he sell 'bo-bo-cha-cha' ice...
actually wanna try it today..
too bad it didnt open...
i shall try it nex time...

me n sy were exploring the food at tis restaurant FOON LOK..
which we found out tat they hav variety of food compare to the 1 at the last..

i wanna appologize sy...
im sorry..
maybe i hav some hearing problem..
sy actually wan me to order MEAT BALL NOODLES for her..
but end up..
i order just MEAT NOODLES for sy..
erm... tis noodle is tasteless to me..
i dun like it!!
sy say its ok as she dun like too salty food....
but the meat is soft~
RM 2.80 for tis bowl..

as sy go for the noodles..
i choose to eat FRIED CHICKEN RICE lo...
HO CHAK went introduce b4..
but not tis branch..
is the branch at wangsa maju..
they hav different sauce such as black pepper,thai sauce,potato, bla bla bla....
i order the coleslaw 1 as i dun favour any sauce they hav....
tis is the chicken that edi fried...
hang it up to drip the excess oil i think...
if u wanna order..
they wil re fried it..
to make sure the chicken is crispy n hot when its serve to ur table..

tis is mine!
RM4 for tis chicken rice..

tis chicken rice serve wif potato wedges..
its YUMMY to me!!!
very crispy!!!
i love it!!!
wif mayonise on it..

its quite big portion...
but seriously i feel they should cut the cabbage into smaller pieces..
but the coleslaw is fresh~~
yummy as well....
the chicken is well marinated...
crispy n hot when serve to me..
not bad~~

the rice come wif it is not yummy!
i dun like it!
is it chicken rice?
no chicken taste in it lea..
the rice is too hard for me..
dun like it!
above is some cucumber slice wif some sauce...
ntg special to shout out about~~

when we left RESTAURANT FOON LOK the weather is so hot..
tis pic is sy wif my snoopy!!!
she always feel embarass wif snoopy!
she say childish wor...
if its not because of snoopy u edi be african!!!!tiff wif snoopy
i'm proud wif it!!!
tis is my desert!!
egg tart from TBR!
the egg is soft!!!
i like it!
so as sy!