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restaurant noodles hse
Tuesday, April 29, 2008 / 4/29/2008 08:33:00 PM

saw ho chak intro tis restaurant noodle hse b4~
it is famous wif its gan xiang pan mian and braised meat pan mian~
so i decided to try it tis time~
it situated at prima setapak~( i think so~)

the decoration u found when u step into the shop~

some articles on the wall~
introducing their famous pan min~

HO CHAK sticker~

sour plum lime juice~
cost me about RM1.80..
u can get tis everywhr..
ntg great to be shout out about


the kon lou pan min~
the thick version~
its abit too salty to my liking~
and the mee is too thick n too hard tat i dun really like it~
the crispy creep on it( they named it fishcake)
is not crispy AT ALL!
i suspect it is yday's leftover~

but the cha siew on it is yummy~
the cha siew is soft~
i like it
cost about RM4++ ( i think so)

the famous gan xang pan mian~
kinda disappointed when they serve it to me..
it is too wet~
and the taste is not realy yummy~
and overall..
it look like a sampah pan min~
wif all sorts of ingredients in it..
there are plenty of chili padi inside!
i dun like!!
i dun like chili padi!!
cost me RM5 for tis plate of gan xiang pan min~

i found out tat they serve pan min quite slow~
(maybe they start from flour-egg-water tat they make pan min...hehe~)
they are having discount now~
for those who hav student cards..
u wil enjoy a 10% discount on the food~
the total bill come up to RM12.80..
quite cheap i think~